Our Philosophy

Faishana aims to bring the diverse handlooms and traditions of India to your doorstep. Bringing you closer to your traditions with one saree at a time, Faisana is committed to providing a sustainable source of employment for craftsmen, weavers and artists across India. We respect the talent and creativity here so we have showcased the work of independent artists and mavens on a single platform. While the technology, interface and platform are modern and contemporary, the design and products are as indigenous and traditional as they can be.

Procured directly from artists and weavers, we work closely with them to offer you only authentic products. We don't control their creative freedom at all. We just manage that everything we bring to you is 100% authentic and exactly what we claim it to be. The focus is on the handmade element, be it embroidery or block printing, classic organza or regal Banarasi.

Apart from quality and authenticity, we ensure that logistics does not ruin your online shopping experience with us. We have collaborated with premium shipping partners to deliver sarees online across the globe, as fast as possible. Custom handcrafted products may take a little longer to pick up and the least we can do is make sure you don't have to wait on the delivery front.